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Outline for Course

This course introduces practical hands-on information, data, and techniques for designing composite airframe structures with respect to design regulations and specifications. It covers a broad range of aircraft configurations, from transports and fighters to general aviation aircraft.
The course intends to advance the technical understanding and practical knowledge of advanced composites, emphasizing the design and manufacture to achieve a sound airframe structure. All aspects of composite design will be discussed in a thorough and rigorous fashion, which includes guidelines, observations, design factors, pros and cons of design cases, and troubleshooting techniques. However, the basic chemistry of materials, the theory of composite, and laminate strength (or stress) analysis will not be discussed in detail.
Another intent of this course is to give composite engineers a practical design tool, containing broad data and information gained from past experience and lessons learned in design and fabrication of composite components that can be used to design trouble-free, low cost and weight efficient composite structures with structural integrity. A ultra-light weight and low cost composite structure is truly possible, provided that the composite engineer uses the appropriate innovative design and manufacturing approaches.

Prerequisites for Course

Some basic knowledge and background of structural analysis is desired.


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