Upcoming events for 1998...


Nina'sbirthday / Jin and Nina's wedding / Misc.


This area is for people who think they would beinvited to functions that Jin and/or Nina would plan. If Jin and/orNina have used the word "hate" or "do not like" or "stupid" or"booger" when refering to you, there is a good chance that you wouldnot be invited to these events. Continue at your own risk.


Savvy surfers may notice that cleverly hiddenin the text are additional links to more information. Not so savvysurfers will probably notice these links also, as well as determiningthat this embeding of links is not as clever as Jin thinks it is.Those that can't see the additional links may be color blind. Colorblind people can look for the underlined words. If you can't see anyof this, you may be using an incompatable browser and, therefore I amamazed that you got this far. (Why does Jin constantly drift betweenthe 1st and 3rd person? If you ask me, I don't know)


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