What's up with theunlikely pairing of subjects?


Truth be known, I am not really trying to make acomprehensive Medical Emergency and Geology home page. I was justtrying to find a topic/topics that interested me. My background issomewhat diverse so when I put together a list of sujects I wasintereseted in, the grouping seamed a bit eclectic. Originally I wasthinking of doing the Emergency Medicine, Geology and Recipies usingBeef Jerky Home Page, but I figured, perhaps wrongly, that there areprobably thousands of pages like that.

In college I studied a vast amount of subjects, asdo most students. Although I did not originally intend to, Igraduated from UCLA with a bachelors in Earth and Space Sciences(Geology, if you prefer). I originally started as a biology major andeventually decided that I didn't want to do anything in that field. Iconsidered medicine, but frankly my diminished interest in biologyresulted in lackluster performance in those classes that matter formed school, and figured that, although I did O-kay on the MCAT's, Iwould need an act of God to get me into a school that I could afford(read: state school). As I didn't want to get huge-mungous loans fora degree I wasn't sure I would utilize, I finished the geologydegree. While still working on the geology degree I also medled inEmegency Medicine and completed training as an E.M.T.. I continued,out of interest, to get my Advanced Cardiac Life Suport card and havebeen considering Paramedics.

You may have guessed, but, I also dabble incomputers, In fact I have been working part time as a computerconsultant for the past six years. Not too much, just enough to paythe bills and some times not even that much.

So, that's why we're here, geology and emergencymedicine, in a not-so-harmonious balance, on the web, 24 hours a day,seven days aweek, for your web surfin' pleasure.


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